Who doesn't like to get a tee shirt?

Okay, the Pope came to Philadelphia (which for those of you who don’t know is only a short distance from my home and office. And yes I was affected by it!) I have a new appreciation of how popular tee shirts are in every form and every size.  It really doesn’t matter what type of business you had, everyone had a tee shirt with the Pope on it and their business name.  This has shown me is that any business or event that wants to be recognized should have a piece of clothing. Tee shirts are definitely one of the most economicalandpopular pieces of apparel for all ages from infant to elderly.  If you are walking down the street in any small town or large city you will see a tee shirt promoting a concert, a new product, a company or a family event.  Most people wear these tee shirts until they are worn to shreds. They are the most cost effective way to promote your cause, product, concert or event.   It is the “billboard” effect that keeps giving back sometimes for years.  When you think about how you are going to invest your marketing dollars consider tee shirts. Just think about how many people are going to see your “walking billboard” in a day and how much that breaks down per shirt per view. It comes down to pennies per viewing. The person who is getting the shirt loves to have a new tee shirt and you love to have the advertising that you get from the tee shirt. It is a win win!  Call me at 856-424-0566 to discuss how a tee shirt fits into your advertising effort and to place your order.

Thanks and Have a great day!