Who I am and What I do

Hi. My name is Heather Garnick and I am the owner of Words and Manners. I know many of you are thinking what is Words and Manners? What does she do? Well, to start, my company does branded items for both personal and business use.  Basically anything with a company name, event name, or logo.  The next division of my company does invitations and social stationery for ALL type of events. Everything from a save the date, baby shower or announcement, wedding, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, bridal shower and thank you’s.  I also do all types of Holiday cards- Jewish New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and New Years.  The last and probably the hardest to explain is the Etiquette division of my company. As of May 2015, I became a Certified Emily Post Etiquette Trainer for both Business and Wedding. I can assist with the social and political correctness of everything from eating at the dinner table(formal or informal)  to how to sign your emails and everything in between.  On the wedding side, my services include helping the Bride and Groom with the wedding party to all the religious rules that should be followed.  Look forward to working with you.