What is Etiquette?

When most people think of etiquette they think of the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts had to learn which fork to use when dining. In reality etiquette is around us every day and we may not even realize it. It is as simple as “Please and Thank you” or holding the door for someone.  Emily Post who is the “queen” of etiquette said “Etiquette is the fuel that powers relationships”. I attended classes in Vermont this past May at the Emily Post Institute where I became a certified Emily Post Trainer for Business and Wedding. I do have to admit I came away with a great deal of AH-HA moments. Simple things that we all take for granted because that’s how our moms did it and taught us. I actually called my own mom and told her after all of these years of family gatherings she had been setting the dinner table incorrectly for our holiday dinners. Of course now I get to do it! Proper etiquette can be something as simple as knowing where to place your knife and fork on your plate when you’re finished your dinner at a restaurant to let your server that they can take your plate. You use manners every time you answer the phone and say “Hello” instead of “Yo”, “What’s Up”. It's just good manners  not to talking over someone when you are on the phone or in a face to face conversation. Etiquette also varies culturally. What may be acceptable in one culture or part of the country not be acceptable somewhere else. You need to be aware of the social and business etiquette rules that could be different even among age groups. I believe in order to survive in todays world you need to know what is socially and culturally acceptable no matter where you are or what you are doing. I am happy to help with any questions, concern or trainings. I would appreciate you sharing my blog with someone you know that might benefit from or be interested in reading it. Just click on the share below.

Have a day filled with happiness and etiquette.